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"Dear Paper Bag Princess,
Thank you for making my prom night one of the most memorable experiences I will ever have.  I am in love with my dress.  The Paper Bag Princess has been able to make me feel like a queen on my prom night.  Thank you for everything!
Kim C"


The Paperbag Princess is an all volunteer Minnesota nonprofit incorporated in 2006.   In the last few years we have outfitted hundreds of students from all over the state and from western Wisconsin.

Eighthly percent of our clients are students from families that qualify for free lunches.   The expenses associated with prom can be a real hardship and we are glad to help with free gowns or suits.

Ten percent of our clients are students from other financial situations, generally from families that qualify for reduced price lunches.   We ask these students for a suggested fee ($50 for the 09-10 year/$25 for families with reduced lunches).  This will be waived at the student's request.
Five percent of our clients attend the Starry Night or Crowning Achievement events and qualify for free gowns or suits.  We thank Ms. Hodapp from DeLaSalle High School and the volunteers from Crowning Achievements, Inc. for allowing us to be part of these special events.

Five percent of our clients are others.   People may request a gown from us because they like the green effect of buying used, support out mission, or like the cost savings of used.   Our gowns have been to formal business dinners and have starred in weddings.     We ask nonstudents for a suggested fee ($50 for 09-10) and this may also be waived with cause.   These purchases allow us to pay rent and to occasionally purchase gowns in the hard to find sizes.   No volunteers personally benefit from any sale.

Contract Infomation:

Suite 111
1185 North Concord Ave
South St Paul, MN   55075
Please note, this is our physical address. Mail is not delivered here.


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